Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cole The Goalie

My nephew's Triple A team is having a fantastic season so far. Currently they sit atop their division with a 10-3-3 record. Actually they are first overall out of all the Minor Bantam teams in the OMHA. Naturally, Cole has played a large role in this. This video is about a year old before he moved up to Triple A.

Good job at standing your ground and defending your net Cole!

I'm sure this video clip will be part of the montage they put together 10 years from now to show how you made it to the big leagues.


Amber said...

That is crazy that you found this clip on u-tube! Really I should be taking more but just don't have a good enough camera - that will be my next investment - maybe!!! I'll send you a picture of Carson making his first attempt at skating - it was hard trying to explain why he couldn't take his hockey stick to public skating

Way Way Up said...

Truth be told, I shamelessly copied it from your Facebook page. If I come across anymore videos, though, I'll gladly post them.

Carson on skates with a hockey stick - now there's an interesting picture.