Friday, November 07, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards

As I discovered a few days ago, blogs have their own award show. Who knew? Ok, not really a show, but there are the Canadian Blog Awards. Sort of like the Oscars, Grammys and Academy Awards for the blogosphere. There are categories for "Best Blog", "Best Blog Post", "Best New Blog", "Best Local Blog" and many more so be sure to stop by and nominate your favourite blog, even mine if you wish. Nominations end on November 22.

I've had a look through the different categories and was pleased to see that a few other northern blogs from my sidebar have been deservedly nominated. It would be nice to see at least one Nunavut blog make it to the final 5 in one of the categories. I've seen a lot of deserving Nunavut blogs grow over the past couple years. Voting begins November 23.

So go and nominate. Do it right now.


jen said...

That's pretty cool, we have a pretty tight group up here lol. I hope Nunavut is represented!!

Megan said...

I think we all need to vote together. There is no point in sending one vote this way and another vote that way if our ultimate goal is to get northern blogs in the finals. Those southern guys will just roll right over us if we're not coordinated.

When the list is opened up for voting, let's hold a virtual huddle to hash it out.

Anyone else in?

Way Way Up said...

Good idea Megan. I'll keep my eye on it and maybe post the Northern nominees to my blog once nominations are finished. I'm heading down to Iqaluit at the end of the month but I should still be up here when the first round of voting starts.

Saskboy said...

Facebook has been used by winners in the past to organize voting campaigns. This year I expect Twitter to do the same too.

Megan said...

How about if you post all of the northern nominees to your blog and set up a poll for each category? We could vote and then agree to support the winners. It would be sort of like an alliance. I think it's the only way any of us will have a shot at getting to the end.