Saturday, November 22, 2008

And The Northern Nominees For The Canadian Blog Awards Are...

Just a reminder that the deadline for nominations for the Canadian Blog Awards is today. Round one voting begins tomorrow and runs until November 29. To give us the best chance of seeing a northern blog make it to the next round, I've created a number of polls on my sidebar of all the Northern nominees. My techie skills leave a little (ok, a lot) to be desired so I was thinking if people vote for their favorite nominee in each category over the coming week and then check back at the end of the voting period on November 29, this should give an idea of who is the strongest candidate is. I'm not trying to tell anyone who to vote for but I that this way we might prevent some vote splitting and give us a chance due to our small populations.

And just a friendly suggestion if northern bloggers are ok with it - Since there were a few categories with only one nominee, my suggestion would be to vote for that person's blog in the first round of voting. Those blogs would be -

Best Blog Post
Levi Johnson's 2008 so far..." by Townie Bastard

Best Blog Post Series
Being David Hasselhoff Contest from Reflections in the Snow-Covered Hills

Best Cultural/Entertainment Blog
Townie Bastard

So go vote. Vote now.

NOTE - I will likely be away from my blog Nov. 29 since I should be down in Iqaluit for a sports tournament but I will do my best to follow up on my polls when I get back should some of our nominees get to the second round.

Ok, NOW go vote.


Kiggavik said...

Quick note Darcy.

Townie Bastard was also nominated in Best Local Blog

Way Way Up said...

I did catch my oversight after I had the polls set up and running. He did give me fair warning of a polar bear head turning up in bed next to me as fair warning for next time, however.