Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last year our principal embarked on a project to create a school yearbook, more like a community yearbook actually. For some reason I remember seeing a copy of a community yearbook from down in Sanikiluaq floating around our school shortly after I transferred here. Interestingly, this is where our principal taught before joining our staff last year. Anyhow, we now have a yearbook of our own. We've had yearbooks in the past but not a fancy-bound one like this.

Looking at this picture, I'm amazed at how much the community has changed already with all the new building going on. Those with good eyes can see the houses of the entire Arctic Bay blogging community (all three of us) in the foreground.

Aside from a few mug shots of yours truly, I contributed a short write up on the history of our town. It (the writing, not the town) actually began life as a blog post from earlier this year. You can find it here.


Kennie said...

Hehe - and that's my picture of Arctic Bay that I took while on a hike with Aletha and Kirk last year too I think ... didn't get a chance to climb up the mountains behind Clare's this year to get an updated shot tho.

Way Way Up said...

...and a nice picture it is too!

indigo said...

Did your version have a mugshot of every community member?

Way Way Up said...

We pictures of most of the students from Kindergarten through grade 9. I also forgot to mention we had a number of picture of community elders in the yearbook which I thought was a great touch.