Wednesday, October 08, 2008


October has to be one of my least favorite months. We are losing light at the rate of roughly 15 minutes per day. It also means I am losing sleep. Because the sun rises later and later each day, my brain feels as if it is waking up earlier and earlier when in fact I wake up at pretty much the same time each morning - 6-7am. October is a big transition month. While we won't quite be in 24 hour darkness by the 31st, by that time the sun will barely clear the mountains to the south of us so for all intents and purposes it will be dark most of the time. Its this transition time that always gets me. This is my 6th October in Nunavut so I thought I would be used to this by now. Perhaps in this respect I make a poor Northerner. Once we hit the dark season my circadian rhythm is actually fine. Perhaps this is because I'm more of a night person than a morning person. A short little snooze after work usually straightens me out. I needed one today and it worked wonders.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well I thought the boy would sleep longer with the increased dark.... nooooooo! This morning he was up at 5am!! What the heck! I need to teach the cats how to entertain him so I can sleep in.

Have fun adjusting!

jen said...

Reasons October is the best month :)

Apple Cider
Candy Apples
Candy Corn
Mini Chocolate Bars
Fake Spider Webs
Apple Crisp

Sure most of that is food related (maybe a little hungry as I write this lol), but October is at least better then September or November!! Do you have a SAD light? It makes a big difference for me this time of year, even just to make me not feel so tired.

Way Way Up said...

Kara - Somehow I always manage to get through. Its a tough badge of honour to earn knowing that many a person in the past has fled for warmer climes this time of year or worse, got

Jen - crisp...I just may have to reconsider.