Monday, October 13, 2008

My Union...The Hilarity Continues

I love my union. Really I do. If it wasn't for my union, I actually would have had nothing to post today. They just have this illogical logicalness to them - or is that a logical illogicalness? The plan was to vote on an Inuit Member-at-Large to the Central Executive. Now, you would think that since we are talking electing an Inuk member that the voting forms and other correspondence would be in Inuktitut. That would make sense right? But no its all in English. Add to the mix that the four individuals on the ballot were people most of us had never heard of before and things get interesting. How do you cast a vote when you know nothing about a person, their experience level or their plan. I imagine there are a few other staffs around the territory in this situation too. (Ah, the outcome would be soo meaningful then.)

So what to do? One colleague chose the "eeny-meeny-miney-moe" method. I was debating following the "I know this person and she seems nice" advice but in the end I simply left my ballot and headed off to check my mail. I'm not sure how one can be expected to make a sound decision without good information. But then, passing along information in a timely and efficient manner seems to be a wee bit down the priority list.

Union logic - Let's decide. OK, let's decide how we are going to decide....after we already decided. Okay, better to re-decide instead. How are are going to decide this? Okay, let's decide on that....majority rules? 50% plus one? Let's decide on that. Now, let's decide how we are going to decide....etc, etc, etc..