Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mom Would Be Soo Proud

The weather has decided to become pretty foul today, with plenty of blowing snow. In the meantime I've immersed myself in some of my travel books and set about finding a much-needed item. Something I rarely use. The high school graduation is tomorrow night meaning that it will be one of the few occasions I will need to wear a suit here. Once I had one dug out yesterday, I figured my dress shirt was pretty wrinkly - but it was clean at least. Now, I had to set about finding my iron. This is something I rarely if ever use. Actually, I think its only purpose since moving North has been to iron dress shirts on those rare occurrences when I actually wear them. I checked the bathroom under the sink, into the far recesses of my closet and went through several boxes stacked up in my bedroom. I came close to giving up in despair. Finally, last night, I found the iron - buried behind several cans of Irish stew in a kitchen cupboard. Success!

And, even though I haven't used the thing in awhile, I did a pretty good job with the shirt. I did have other shirts I could have worn but the particular shirt I wanted was the only one that went with a certain tie I haven't worn in a long time. It also happened to be the only tie that was actually, well, tied. And I wasn't looking forward to fighting with an untied one. So at least now I will look presentable tomorrow for the big night. Which is a good thing, since I will be handing out a reward at the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

An iron behind cans of Irish stew? Funny!

What lengths you had to go to be presentable! You're right... I bet your mom would be proud.