Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its A Bird...Its A Plane

A strange sight met my eyes last night when I took a peek out the window around 9:30pm. Initially, I thought it was our last sealift of the season. It looked strangely different from other ships I've seen with all the fancy flashing strobe lights. On board are building supplies for the new community hall and some new exterior doors for our school. I've heard a number of different dates so far, the latest being tomorrow, so I just assumed the ship turned up a day early. When I walked out my door for work this morning, the mystery lights had disappeared. "Wow, that was the fastest unload I've ever seen seen," was my first reaction.

Turns out though that the lights were just the new runway lights out at the new airport being tested out. I probably should have clued in to that seeing as the "ship" appeared in the direction of the airport. But as I blogged about last night, my brain was a bit on the slow side.

The latest is that this last ship should arrive tomorrow, which is a good thing since the bay is starting to show signs of freeze up.