Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heh, Why Am I Not Surprised

Well I make it no secret that I'm a huge fan of a certain AAA Jr. Bantam goalie down in Ontario. I've been following his progress pretty closely this season as this is his first year on an AAA team. I have to be a bit cautious just because the last couple times I blogged about an upcoming game, his team ended up losing. But given the team's recent progress, I think Uncle Darcy can be permitted to brag just a bit.

So how are things going? Over the last weekend, they played 3 games. Its not often during the season that 3 games are played in such a short span, and fortunately for my sister, it looks like only one of the games was a road game. Anyhow, Cole started in goal for 2 of the games, giving up a goal in a 3-1 win and then getting his 4th shutout two days later with a 3-0 victory. (And what's this I hear about you giving up your little girlfriend to focus on your games? My oh my. I'm sure my sister is breathing easier though.) Anyhow, thanks in part to my nephew's totally awesome goal tending, his team has managed to climb into first place in his division (7 teams in total). The Ontario Minor Hockey League's website shows (and Uncle Darcy unapologetically brags) that the team is now 6-2-2. Only one other team has a record comparable to this. The rest are well back.

So its been a fantastic start to the season. Regardless of where the team finishes they are off to an amazing start and, yeah, I'm just slightly biased. But really, if your nephew's team is giving up, on average, less than 2 goals per game, I'm sure I can be forgiven for walking around with a certain strut and grin the past couple days.