Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Rock Buddy!

My young nephew just turned 13 at the start of the month. I really wasn't sure what to get him to mark this important benchmark but I decided in the end to contribute the the "goalie equipment fund". I haven't seen the goalie pads Cole picked out. Apparently, though, they are red, to match the New Jersey Devils. My nephew picked up another shut out on Saturday against York-Simcoe in his Triple A Division, a wonderful birthday present for my sister. I love the fact that this is the second Toronto-area team that he's shut out. (I tend to look on the entire "905 belt" like you would look on a rotting piece of meat stuck to the bottom of your fridge......but anyway, I digress.)

I'm not sure what the team record is off the top of my head (little help sis'?) but this latest victory makes for the team's third and shut out for number 2 for Cole.

You rock buddy!