Friday, September 26, 2008

You Know You're Good When...

Last night was the big candidates forum down in Iqaluit. I just finished reading an on-line CBC article on it and was impressed that one of the issues discussed was whether or not Nunavut's MP would be more effective as a member of the Opposition or a member of the Government. I was glad this topic was raised since I had actually submitted a question asking candidates whether, if they were elected as an Opposition member, they would attempt to work with government (regardless of which party forms the government) or would they play an obstructionist role. I think it is very important our future MP be part of the government since we only have one MP. This is something I had never paid much mind to in past elections when I lived in other provinces. According to the CBC article, the Green Party candidate felt it would be better if our new MP was part of the Opposition. Clearly, this man is out to lunch.

There is one candidate running that is so good that even our current MP (who is from a different party) supports her. I recall a radio interview within the past year in which our Liberal MP, Nancy Karetak-Lindell was asked to name the qualities of the ideal MP to replace her when she left politics. Ms. Lindell stated the ideal candidate, in her opinion, would be:

1. an Inuk

2. a female

3. from the central part of the territory

Conservative candidate Leona Aglukkaq is

1. an Inuk

2. the only female candidate

3. from Gjoa Haven (in the central part of the territory)

Therefore, I can only assume that a Liberal MP will be voting for a Conservative candidate in the coming federal election. Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.