Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well That's A Funny-Looking Vessel

After all the supply ships and coast guard ship I've seen enter the bay here over the past 4 fall seasons, something a little different showed up this morning (last night actually but it was a bit dark to get a decent view). This is the closest I've seen an iceberg get this close to shore since my days in about 4-5 years since my time in Qikiqtarjuaq.

This is the same iceberg I visited and photographed last spring out in the Sound. Having now partially collapsed I've watched it over the past month as its been pushed around Adams Sound by wind and tide, occasionally entering the bay here before being dragged back out.

This is what the above iceberg looked like back in March. One of our relief RCMP members stands next to it along with her snowmobile to provide a sense of scale.


Jessica said...

That third one is gorgeous...thanks for a great new desktop background!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Jessica, I took that shot from the end of the breakwater in town here....I wanted to get the rocks in the foreground to provide a little bit of contrast with the white of the 'berg, the clouds and the snowy background.