Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Science Fair

Starting this past Monday and continuing for the next couple weeks our gym will be taken over with all things scientific. Our high school science teacher secured some funding through the Kakivak Association (an Inuit community and economic development organization) to bring up a science educator from Elephant Thoughts. Over the next several days students will get to check out a planetarium, learn about electricity, learn about solar-powered cars and weather formation. Community members will also get an opportunity to see the planetarium next week.

I was able to duck down to the gym toward the end of the day to see a student from our grade 8/9 boys class have a little fun with electricity. I will try to get some more picture up in the coming days as the demonstrations roll along.


Alex said...

a few people from that same group were here in Simpson back in July this summer. I didn't get a chance to see any of it but I know the kids all loved it...yours likely will too!

Way Way Up said...

Oh definitely. It's so hands on. Its rare to have this much science equipment this far North in such a small school. So the entire staff is very grateful for this opportunity. The guy doing the demos is very good at explaining...even though he told me he slipped a couple times by making references to a forest...I don't have a science background myself so I found what he was doing very well explained and laid out.