Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Dressup

Probably my favourite TV show as a kid was Mr. Dressup. It's one of the first shows I can remember seeing on television and always brings back fond childhood memories when I sit and ponder the show. I remember when I was really young being very sad when I learned that Casey and Finnegan weren't actually a real boy and dog. The show was just one of those things you thought would go on forever. I couldn't imagine a world where Mr. Dressup wasn't on TV somewhere.

Ernie Coombs (aka Mr. Dressup) was a true Canadian icon. Sure he was born an American, but us kids loved him all the same, regardless of nationality. How fortunate I was as a child to experience real children's television through the magical art of puppetry rather than the computer-generated tripe I mostly see today. Sadly, the show isn't on TV anymore even as a re-run.

Yes, Mr. Dressup was my favourite kids show. It still is. Ernie Coombs died 7 years ago today and I'm man enough to admit that when I heard the news of his passing, I cried.


canadianinclogs said...

You aren't the only one that cried that day. I loved Mr. Dress Up. Even as I got older I would still watch him. Thanks for remembering :)

Kate Nova said...

I was crying on the subway the day I heard he passed away. :( Thanks for this post!