Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Seems I've be slighted....besmirched even. Seems a fellow can't give an honest opinion on a topic with without being personally and professionally insulted. Initially I was going to let it slide until I recalled a small article I read not long ago about how technology can sometimes bring out the worst in people. There's some truth to it. I find it ironic that someone who accuses me of being ignorant and intolerant because I may support a certain political view can then turn around and hurl invective at me....true class. Disagree with me fine. But don't swear at me. I don't swear at you. It's all about respect. As a philosopher once said (Rousseau if I remember correctly), I may disagree with your opinion but I will defend to my death your right to speak it. And no, in case you're wondering the person I'm referring to isn't a recent commenter on one of my political posts. While the two of us obviously stand at polar opposites of the political spectrum, I always welcome debate, and the debate is quite civil. It helps clarify my thinking and its a healthy thing in a democracy. I wish I could say the same thing about the ignoramus (upon whose blog I offered a respectfully worded opinion) who saw fit to smite me. I assume the guy is a professional. Perhaps I ask too much at times. So, no links to his potty mouth. I vent and move on.

Wow...for a political rant of sorts, that was a short one. I must be ill or something. :)