Friday, September 12, 2008

Living Up To The Blog Name

Its an interesting and easy way to start a conversation in the North. Simply ask "who's been furthest North?". Its like the Northern version of "Well, my father can......." It is kind of neat (to me at least) to see where the northernmost of something is. Most northernmost buildings sit not in Canada but in the small Norwegian town of Longyearbyen in the Svalbard Island group. Anyhow, since I've bumped into a few people who have been to either Grise Fiord or further north on Ellesmere Island I can't really compete with them. Barring the opening of a school in Alert, my chances of making it all the way to the top of Canada are pretty slim.

I can make a couple claims that are pretty solid. I can't quite prove the first but I can prove the second. The chances of me having the largest CD collection north of the Arctic Circle are very good. (At least 818 at last count). I'd be surprised if my collection wasn't the largest, northernmost in Canada. (and an ooh and an aww goes up from the crowd.) I'm pretty sure I'm the only one crazy enough to have that many CDs stored in their house up here. If I ever had to move them at some point in the future....well, that is a logistical nightmare I'd rather not contemplate.

My second claim is easier to back up. Again barring a blogger from Resolute or Grise Fiord, and again I'm not aware of any at this point, I'm the northernmost blogger on my blog list (possibly in Canada). Ooh.......ahhhhh! I had to use Google Earth to check this out though. I live on the same road as Clare and Kendra . The 4-plex I live in is just slightly north of Clare's and really its just blind luck that I happen to live on the end of the 4-plex that puts me just slightly to the north of my neighbor Kendra. The difference in latitude of course is miniscule .

Its all quirky stuff I suppose, akin to a city dweller boasting to a neighbor about living on a higher floor in a Toronto highrise. Of course, to the Inuit, North, no matter how you define it, is just another dot on a map, not necessarily more important than any other point. But still, it is something unique I can say about myself.

....And I have to live up to my blog name afterall.


Kiggavik said...

What! I want a measurement! I've got surveyor's staying at my place right now, I might have to break out their GPS, I mean how can you trust Google Earth. Really?

And I probably have the second most CD's at over 500, but if we add in my 400 LPs in the attic....

MP3s don't count Kendra.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh Yeah!

Well I have lived in all three territories! HA! Got one on ya!

Way Way Up said...

lol...Clare I remember seeing some surveyor equipment across the road from the B&B. I use Google Earth to help with my vacation planning so I might have an unhealthy obsession with it. If I get any more CDs, I think I'll have to start paying THEM rent.

Kara, I have to admit that's a great one-up on me. I don't know anyone else who can make that claim off the top of my head and yes, I am a tad jealous. :)

Kiggavik said...


I have a friend in the RCMP (retired now and coincidentally a friend of one of our current clients) who was posted in the three most northern detachments in all three territories, Grise Fiord, Holman Island, and Old Crow.

Kiggavik said...

And I'll concede that you're farther north than I am but technically you only beat the active bloggers. Niore has an inactive photo blog and he lives over by the Co-op, further north than you me and Kendra.

jen said...

Haha you guys are too funny!

Way Way Up said...