Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Might Just Have To Wax Poetic...Again

I thought I had last year's problem of constantly running out of water licked since the man that was my neighbor has left and I no longer have to worry about him draining our tank. Fellow Arctic Bay blogger, Kendra, is now my neighbor, and coordinating water usage and calling for trucks has been a darn sight easier. We've only been burned a couple times so far but it was really minor stuff, unlike last year where we were frequently out of water for 2 or 3 days at a time. And so, I felt as if I had dodged a major bullet here. However, lately a new problem has burst forth on the scene.

Our dear furnace has quit on us 3 times over the course of the last two weekends. The first time was due to a scheduled power outage, which was no big deal. However, for some odd reason, the furnace died of its own accord the following day. A call to Housing had it up and running after about 12 hours of no heat so all was well with the world.

Early yesterday morning the heat up and died on us yet again. I made sporadic use of a small floor heater and thankfully the house retained the heat pretty well. It didn't cool down as much as it had last weekend. Unfortunately, it seemed everyone at Housing was out fishing (literally) yesterday so no came by to look at the furnace. Eventually our messages got passed along and a pickup showed up outside the furnace room last night. From what Kendra told me the furnace was fine but we were out of heating oil.

No sweat, I thought, get the fuel truck over here, fill the tank and everything is peachy fine. Well, not quite. Turns out the truck was broken and our fuel tank would have to be filled manually. By that time, it was quite late in the evening so our tank wasn't filled. I just bundled myself up and went to sleep. (God bless my 3 duvets!) Housing had someone over here until at least 2am tinkering in the mechanical room as I could hear a lot of banging and thumping going on behind the house. But since this man was tying to do us a big favour, I certainly wasn't about to go out there and tell him to keep the noise down.

And so, this morning, we are still without heat. The inside temperature is about 17.5C....not too bad. But still not warm enough to be able to relax. Housing has been in and out of the mechanical room this morning. My housemate Monty, has come down with strep throat. I haven't seen a fuel truck yet. I may just have to encourage it to show up through poetry, as I did with the sewage truck back in January.