Sunday, September 21, 2008


Late yesterday we got our heat and water back. It was nice to have a bit of heat. I can only drink so much coffee and consume so much stew to stay warm. So I slept like a log last night. Of course, sometime early this morning the power went out and it didn't take long for things to cool down again. By 9:30am or so, our power was restored. (The power plant here has 4 generators and last time I was told, only one of them was operational.) Cue furnace to conk out again. Luckily, this time I remembered the small space heater buried away in the hall closet. It didn't take long for that little gizmo to make an appearance. I used it sporadically (didn't want to blow the power again) but by just a little after the noon hour the furnace was behaving once again. Hallelujah indeed!


Kiggavik said...

The power outage was a scheduled one Darcy. Kept the Nunavut Power line crew from being fried while they hooked up the new poles in the neighbourhood.

Way Way Up said...

A couple people mentioned it was just a localized outage this morning. I really have to stop sleeping in on weekends and pay more attention to the radio. :)