Monday, September 29, 2008


No one likes a bully. In my day they were the small group of tough kids that sat at the back of the room. Today, they don't just push, punch or insult. Some make good use of technology. But really, its the same old problem. I would invite my readers to read up on Jared's Story. How sad that this young man was so depressed that he felt his only option was to take his own life - 10 years ago today.

Bullying is not a new phenomenon. It is definitely not simply a case of "kids being kids". As an educator, one thing that boils my blood is hearing things like "they will sort it out", "s/he will get over it," that kid needs to toughen up" or even "it's part of growing up." These attitudes simply excuse the behaviour. Bullying is harassment. Bullying is assault. Parents, students, teachers....all have the power to do something about it. I don't mean to get on a high horse or go on a rant here. The above-mentioned website is loaded with valuable links and helpful information for anyone who is in the unfortunate position of confronting a bully.

Information is power. Turn on a light and bullies (like the proverbial cockroach) will flee.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Great post Darcy. You are right- that old approach of the kids will figure it out on their own is just not acceptable. I was bullied pretty harshly throughout school. The effects of which still affect me today.