Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adventures in Translating

I had to laugh this summer at some of the crude Hungarian to English translations I ran across. Of course I know what they mean and I understand that German is much more common as a second language there than English. But still. I found a few gems spelled out while staying at a small hotel about an hour north of Budapest. A sheet of paper laid out a few interesting policies and I quote it verbatim.

7. If the guest find a failure in the room, please tell it to the receptcionist. If the failure caused by the guest, it must be his responsibility. [okay, that one is a bit weak]

11. Guests cannot disturb other guests calmness. [yes, the last thing I want on my vacation is a hotel full of uncalm people.]

12. If you have any problems, please tell it to the receptionist. [boy, where do I begin?]

13. [my personal favourite, because I'm such a depraved person] We cannot take any responsibility for your values, only in that case if you leave it in the reception.

15. Please let your car in the pensions own parking space (in the garden). [aka park on the flowers?]