Thursday, August 21, 2008

...With Apologies To Great Grandfather

My mother once told me that if my great grandpa Sedgewick knew how much I despise both unions and the NDP, he'd very likely roll over in his grave. This could well be true. But its not like either one of these despotic institutions has done much to inspire my confidence in them, or my respect for that matter. Sorry Grandpa Sedgewick.

A news article caught my attention tonight about NDP leader Jack Layton not wanting a fall election. Who knew that the leader of the party that supposedly fights for "the little people" would speak out against them voting in an election? Come on, Jack. Don't insult my intelligence. You accuse the other parties of political posturing and rhetoric yet you join right into the fray. The NDP hold seats in large part due to powerful unions.

Ah unions! Now the nosebleed truly begins! My big issue with unions is simply this - I was never asked if I wanted to be part of a union. When I signed my first contract, I was automatically a "union man" (I'm still trying to cleanse myself of the stench of union to this day.) I was never asked if I wanted to join a union, I was automatically a part of it. How democratic is that?! And yes, I know from my history studies about the Rand Decision of 1945. The only way to strengthen themselves was to force people to be members. Nice. And its not like I get much out my union.** Sure, each year I get a cute little card stating that little ole' Darcy is a "member in good standing". Of course I'm a member in good standing. I have no choice about the union dues I pay. This is money that the union steals from me, in my book. Pure and simple.

And just how much you might wonder? Well, let's see. It has varied over the past 5 years from between $35 to $55 roughly. So, for the sake of arguement, that's an average of $45 dollars every two weeks, multiplied by 26 pay periods, multiplied by 5 years......dang!....$5850. Thanks. I'm not sure what I get for paying that. Certainly the union isn't using this money to translate any of the information we get at our school here for the benefit of our Inuktitut-speaking staff. Isn't Inuktitut the working language of the territory?! Sad! Unions like to say that they serve as a voice for the workers. But trust me. I don't need these people to speak for me. I am educated and quite capable of speaking for myself.

**(That would be the NTA - Nunavut Teachers Association. Funny enough, a couple years back, the union decided to change its name to NTA from FNT (Federation of Nunavut Teachers). One reason that was cited for the name change was that the initials FNT were thought to sometimes be used in a derogatory fashion. Gee, I can't imagine why.)


Mongoose said...
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Way Way Up said...

I don't that I've had it good all along. Being raised for a time in a single parent family gave me the drive to take full advantage of the opportunities that came my way, musically and education-wise. My parents own a non-union company so perhaps that loathing of unions gene was passed on to me from them.

The main point I was trying, perhaps unsuccessfully, to make is that I was never asked if I wanted to be apart of this train-wreck. I also resent the way they spend money on things I don't necessarily agree with or the whole notion that I need a union to stand up for me.

Then there's the whole issue of strike action. Any union that thinks it can tell me that I shouldn't go into work because they think they know best and can make decisions for me clearly has no clue who they are dealing with.

Mongoose said...
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