Monday, August 18, 2008

Travel Update

The latest news I have is that I am confirmed for a flight out of Resolute on Thursday, August 21. Apparently if I had elected to return to Iqaluit yesterday I would have made it into Nanisivik since I was told the weather had cleared long enough for a plane to land. Tomorrow's scheduled flight is booked solid but I still plan to go through the motions of getting up at 0430h and heading to the airport just in case I can get on on stand-by.

I suppose there is nothing else for it now but to just hunker down and wait. I have to admit to a little frustration with this but I am still in good spirits overall. You can't control the weather so getting overly upset at Mother Nature is just wasted energy in the end.

Stay tuned.


Kennie said...

hehe - this is just excellent! So are the three of you all booked on that flight for Thursday?

Way Way Up said...

Yup, assuming the backlog starts to clear out tomorrow and Thursday has good weather other wise and bets are off and the situation is reversed.