Sunday, August 17, 2008

Slowly Getting Home

I was supposed to arrive home yesterday but my flight ended up over-flying Nanisivik and landed in Resolute Bay. Nanisivik is notorious for its low cloud cover and because there are is no ground radar, pilots must make a visual-only landing. Yesterday's conditions just were not favorable for a safe landing. At any rate, I can take solace in the fact that quite a number of people from Arctic Bay are also stuck, including 4 other teachers from my school, our rec director and people returning on medical.

This morning was not much better. The Resolute-Iqaluit flight cancelled the Nanisivik portion of its route so I didn't even get on the plane. At the moment, the best its looking is for a Tuesday take-off, although I still plan to show up at the airport tomorrow morning just in case I can get on on standby.

And yes, our school year officially begins tomorrow with students having their first day on Wednesday. Seeing as none of the high school teachers have been able to return yet, it should make things interesting.....5 teachers stuck in Resolute, my housemate still stuck in Newfoundland and another teacher that I think may be still in Ottawa at the moment although I really have no idea. Ah! The vagaries of Northern travel. This will be an interesting week.

Stay tuned.


Kennie said...

Well, so far we've got me, Paulette, and Tim. Kids report that Kate, OJ, Nick and April are back in town ... but I haven't seen them or seen any activity where they live. Who knows. Just an excellent start to our year! Good luck in trying to get back!

Way Way Up said...

There is a certain irony in a few teachers being late for the first day of school I do have to admit.

Nancy said...

You were at the Resolute airport this morning? Me too! Now I feel guilty for being a bit glad that we skipped Nanisivik (but only because of the late departure, didn't want to miss the Ottawa connection!). I was coming out of Grise Fiord, overnighted at the South Camp Inn. I was wondering why there were so many Nanisivik-bound folks in Resolute, now it makes sense.

Way Way Up said...

Hi Nancy! I remember seeing a large plastic tote with your name on it when we landed in Resolute here. Small world. The weather has created quite a backlog which will take a few days to clear up by the looks of things.