Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Resolute Pictures

Here are a few pictures from my layover up in Resolute Bay.

Quite a lunar landscape.

School in Resolute.

Snow in August (freaky but not unheard of).

South Camp Inn where I stayed during my extended layover.

Anglican Church.


Nancy said...

Isn't Resolute just the most desolate place? When I landed there in July, I thought to myself "whoops, I've gone too far this time", and was worried that my final destination (which actually is gorgeous and much less barren) was even further north! I loved the South Camp Inn though, it's got character! I guess you probably end up in Resolute now and then with the weather sitution at Nanisivik. I hope your new local airport is finished soon, they were just starting construction last time I was in Arctic Bay.