Friday, August 01, 2008

Party With Buda

Ok, not really.

I arrived back to Budapest this morning, completing my 6 week circle of Hungary. I really did come full circle too as it turns out I am in the exact same hotel room as when I first arrived in the city back in June. What are the odds?

The past 4-5 days have been pretty full. I took a tour of an old coal mine and saw a couple castle ruins near a place called Salgotarjan (also a place chock full of wonderful Soviet-era apartment blocks) and then headed to Szesceny to see a 18th century manor house and a Franciscan Monastery. And now, after an early morning bus, I'm back to where it all started.

Anyhow, I might take one last trip out to a palace tomorrow that I'd like to see just outside the city. Other than that, its just plain old R&R around the hotel room until I head back to Zurich Sunday night before flying back to Canada the middle of next week.

It's been quite a little adventure and I'll be better able to elaborate and get some pictures up once I get home to Nunavut the middle of the month.