Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Arctic Port

About a year ago, a subject that received much attention both locally and nationally was the proposed construction of a deep water port out at the old Nanisivik mine. The Prime Minister Himself even showed up to make an announcement in person. Since then, I hadn't really heard too much more about this but this little CBC article caught my attention this evening. While I feel it is a good thing that Canada is taking a stronger stand on northern sovereignty issues, I just hope that this little project has a few spin-off benefits for the people on whose land this port will occupy. I don't think it´s too much to ask.


Mongoose said...

I don't know about Nunavut but here in the NWT, "they" always expect benefits in terms of money being handed out, and what really happens is that the benefits go to those of us who get a job on the project and actually, you know, show up or something. It's funny (kinda) how "they" always seem to expect to be hired with no skills (and often no way to pass a drug test), trained, praised, pampered, and paid, without having to show up, rather than say, get their training before a project happens, and be ready to work when there is work, like the rest of us.

But, I'm trying to rant less these days, so I should shut up.