Sunday, July 06, 2008


For anyone curious, I'm not dead. I've just been away from a keyboard for a bit longer than usual. The last few days have been a blast as I slowly meander my way down the western end of Hungary toward Lake Balaton. Trip highlights so far have included the 1000-year-old Benedictine Abbey in Pannonalma (the second largest in Europe after Italy's Monte Casino by the way) and a day trip to the Eszterhazy Palace in Fertod where composer Joseph Haydn spent 30 years of his life. I even had a chance to walk through the room where his well-known "Farewell" Symphony was premiered. Oh yes, and I've seen more Roman artifacts than you could shake a stick at.

At the moment I'm in Sarvar. I toured around the castle yesterday (from what I know there was a countess here at one point who enjoyed feasting on the blood of young girls and women....tastey.....more likely though it was just a nasty Habsburg plot) and now I'm just taking it easy. And yes I'm in some pretty nice digs - a fantastic 4 star hotel. I swear that except for the two young girls at the reception I'm the only person here under 50. But the room is fantastic. I came here yesterday from a 2-star hotel in Koszeg where there was barely enough room to swing a dead cat and now I'm ensconsed in luxury. Better enjoy it while it lasts. I won't be able to do this once I get down to Lake Balaton I'm sure.

I'm already way past the point of where I thought I'd be when I first started planning this grand venture and I'm not due to fly back to Canada for a month so it looks like I'll have tons of time to explore. Which suits me just fine.