Wednesday, July 09, 2008

On the Shores of Lake Balaton

I departed Sumeg this morning and have now made it to Keszthely, on the western shore of Lake Balaton. This must be the only town on the lake that doesn't derive its tourist dollars from hordes of vacationers seeking the pleasures of the lake. I think the shoreline is a bit too reedy but it does have nice views. (And it was nice just to stare out at the birds and sailboats and the surrounding hills without the sound of loud motorboats or jet skis.)

As I discovered, its the big palace here where most of the tourists seem to end up at. I popped up there shortly after arriving for some pictures but I'll save the grand tour of the inside for tomorrow. There were just too many people around for me to handle. Well I see from a glance outside that the rain clouds have moved in. We're getting pummeled with rain (but at least it will keep temperatures on the cool side.) Good thing I brought my guide book with me to serve as an umbrella for an anticipated soggy walk back to the hotel.

Stay dry folks!