Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Szervusz Budapest!

So far so good. I bid my aunt Janice, Uncle Kai and cousin Lucas farewell and set off for my great adventure. I caught my night train Monday and arrived yesterday morning without a hitch. I found a hotel, crashed for 16 hours and was up and ready to go this morning. Highlights included Varosliget (the city park), the Museum of Fine Art, The Terror House (former headquarters of the secret police and a stark reminder of how easy my generation has it)and the St. Stephen Bascilica - a gorgeous piece of architecture. Of course, being in Europe my plan for tonight is to watch the UEFA 2008 semi-final on tv.....go Germany!

I have to say that though it is boiling hot here compared to what I'm used to, the people have been incredibly friendly. I was a bit apprehensive on the train when a group of school kids got on the train in Austria. But you'd never know it. They were very quiet, polite and respectful. A couple boys were play fighting in the aisle but as soon as I squeezed by to get some water they immediately clammed up and gave me room to get by. I was a bit embarrassed acutally by how deferrential they were toward me.....a lone Canadian on a train. Inadvertently, I picked up a few words and pronounciations just by listening. It was a nice touch and pleasant introduction to the culture.

I'm hoping to do the castle area tomorrow if the heat cooperates and plan to catch a Friday morning train to Gyor. I'm acutally doing my trip in reverse of what was orginally planned but so far so good.....if it works in one direction I'm sure it will work in the other direction. Actually this saves me having to take a bus to Veszprem since the bus station will be too much of a hike for me in this heat. Better to take a train to Gyor since the Keleti station is within easy distance from the hotel. The best laid plans....blah.....blah....blah. I'm sure they will change many times along the way. Of course this is the best part of vacations of these sorts.



Gish said...

I just got back from Ontario, and I have to say...I am glad to be back in a temperature that seems more rational than the sweltering heat that I encountered at home.