Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Adventure

I am now down in the heat and humidity that is southern Ontario. Tomorrow I catch my flight to Zurich for a little summer adventure. Speaking of adventures, getting to my parents' almost turned into one.

For the first time ever, I was actually paged in an airport. I was moments from boarding my flight out of Iqaluit when I was called over to the First Air desk. "They" had pulled off my little black suitcase (now how suspicious can that be?) and told me they wanted a closer look. I was a bit taken aback since I had never had this happen to me before. It's not like there was anything important inside. Just a sweater, my travel books for the summer...basically all the overflow I couldn't stuff into my MEC backpack. Turns out I had tossed in a 10-pack of AA batteries and sandwiched the way they were between a couple of thick guide books they looked a tad bomb-like going through the x-ray machine.

So, I breathed a sigh of relief as I went back through security. The only glitch now was that the plane was about 40-minutes late taking off. I found myself hoping this was just typical incompetence on the part of First Air and had nothing to do with my little packing oversight. Maybe I made the plane late.....ha....finally, I was one of THOSE people. My worry was that I would arrive in Ottawa too late to catch my train to Belleville. I had about a 90-minute cushion which was now starting to slowly deflate.

I found myself sprinting off the plane and through Ottawa airport to the baggage claim. Lady Fortune smiled on me and my bags were pretty much the first ones off. Out of breath, I hailed a cab and told the driver I was under the gun for getting to the VIA Rail station. He said he'd do his best but couldn't make any promises. Fair enough, I told him. That's all I could ask. Anyhow, I ended up getting to the train station just in the nick of time. I sprinted through the train station, setting some sort of land speed record in the process, I'm sure, down an escalator, through a dark corridor and then up some stairs to the platform. A man beckoned me impatiently and I just managed to jump on board seconds before the door was closed.

Tomorrow, I'm due to fly to my aunt in Switzerland before hopping yet another train to Budapest. Here's hoping things go much smoother as my legs have surpassed their summer quote for medium-distance sprints. So far it's looking rather straightforward, as long as I can negotiate Montreal's Dorval airport. I should be fine. My cost of entry into Switzerland is two bottles of Zesty Italian salad dressing which are apparently hard to come by in Zurich (They're ready and on the way, Janice!)

Time to go and pack. I'm taking plenty of batteries for my trusty little digital. I'll be sure to pack them so they don't cause me any unexpected hassles this time.

Bon voyage!


Kennie said...

LOL - they called searched your bags thoroughly too?? They were all freaked out by my carry on bag that had my hard drive, the laptop, PSP, a couple of extra battery packs and five rolls of lifesavers tapped together. Got to love making them work eh?

Glad to hear that you did make it to your train and that you got home... was wondering how everyone on that flight fared.

Have a good trip!