Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sigh...No Miracle On Ice This Year Girls And Boys

Another NHL season has come to again and once again the team I rooted for came up second. I didn't really follow hockey as closely this year as in the past and I can't say Pittsburgh is MY team but really, I just didn't care to see the Red Wings win Lord Stanley's Cup. Mostly this is because I spent 7 years of my life across the river from Detroit in Windsor, Ontario attending university and all I ever heard about in the media there was the Detroit Red Wings. (Maple Leaf fans in Windsor seemed to keep a low profile.) So forgive me if I'm a bit fatigued about hearing of "Detroit" and "hockey town" etc.

I was never really enthralled by Detroit. Aside from the Renaissance Center and the Joe Louis Arena, the downtown area always left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed on the few occasions I found it necessary to venture over there. Seriously, there are areas there that could actually benefit from the friendly bombs that Clare recently mentioned in a post.

I suppose a highly segregated city with a soaring crime rate needs something to feel proud about though...