Monday, June 02, 2008

Mary River - part II

Here are a few extra pictures I couldn't get loaded on earlier in the evening. Perhaps in a future post I'll delve a little more into the proposed benefits and concerns regarding this mega-project but for now, enjoy the pretty pictures.

This wall map shows the proposed mining development around Deposit 1. Click on the photo to see it in more detail.

This second map shows the port facilities to be developed at Steensby Inlet about 200km south of Mary River if I recall correctly. Four trains a day will bring the mined ore to the port will it will then be loaded on ships for Europe.

The mother lode. This mountain is where the first open pit mine at the site will be dug. Deposit 1 is actually just to the north on the other side of this peak.

Here a small sample of the ore I was allowed to take with me. Alas, no gold.

I forget the name of this large machine here but it is used for all the heavy lifting on site.

The site currently uses 4 helicopters for transporting workers and equipment since the roads to the drill site are undergoing much-needed repair. They rent for $180/hour. Someone is having a good day. At those prices you really want to make sure you don't forget anything when you lift off.


Nancy said...

Thanks for posting the photos, I've been so curious about Mary river. Enquiring minds want to know, where exactly is it (in relation to Arctic Bay or another community)?

My last flight to Iqaluit, about 30 mintues before landing, a guy approached the flight attendant and asked, "once we land, how do I get to Mary river? Is there a bus or something?" Oh wow, what a newbie. Seemed like a totally intelligent guy too, and sounded like it wasn't his first mining contract, hard to believe someone would be heading for Mary river without a bit more of an idea how remote it is than that! :-D Must have thought it was a suburb of Iqaluit...