Monday, June 02, 2008

Mary River Mine

After waiting for a taxi that was an hour late and then running out of gas on the way to the airport, our planned excursion finally boarded our little King Air 200 for a tour of the Mary River Mine.

This lake by the campsite lies in the middle of a major fault zone, spanning the top end of Baffin Island. These fault zones, according to the project's senior geologist, helped create the iron ore deposit at Mary River. This lake provides all the water needed by the camp. Currently there about 80 workers on site. Once operational, the mine is projected to employ around 250 workers at this one site.

Here, the senior geologist shows us some samples and explains to the students how the deposit came to be. Core samples are due to be taken to testing facilities in Germany during the 2008 season for testing and feedback. According to mine officials samples are 66%-70% pure. Apparently this is considered very high and bodes well for a productive and economically viable mine.

Some of the camp buildings. Nothing spectacular yet but with 4 deposits in the area with a total life span projected to be around 100 years, expect major changes in the future.

Fancy digs. Here is the camp's recreation room. I loved the leather furniture. This far north you want to be entertained.

The camp cafeteria. Did I mention that we were quite well fed?

I have a few more pictures to add later. (My laptop just decided to take its sweet time and try my patience.) The camp supervisor had hoped to take us out to the deposit where core samples are drilled but a heavy snow melt had done considerable damage to the access road.


dogsled_stacie said...

LOL, that leather furniture is classic!

Way Way Up said...

I should have taken a picture of the 72" LCD screen t.v. to complete the look....but I wastoo busy staring at it and salivating the entire time.