Friday, June 27, 2008


I left the big city behind me this morning and caught an early train to Gyor, an important industrial city that seems to produce a lot of trucks and cars. I was able to catch a few glimpses of Slovakia as the train paralleled the Danube for a few kilometres. I'm not sure if I'll make it over there this summer or not...but there are plenty more summers for that. At any rate, I've found Gyor's old town to be pleasantly small and walkable and compared to Budapest, devoid of throngs of tourists...the benefit of getting here before the tourist season starts in earnest. I plan to be here over the weekend.

My hotel is a 300-year-old former Carmelite convent close to all the sights I hope to visit. Although I'm not huge into Roman history, I did take time to see the lapidarium here in the casemates of the old town walls with a great deal of stone tablets and fragments spanning back to Roman times. There is also an abbey a few kilmetres south of here that I hope to take in before I leave. Hungary is turning out to be a very nice place to visit. It doesn't quite have the large castles like I saw last year in the Czech Republic as most of them here were destroyed by the Ottomans or the Habsburgs but there are certainly enough gemms to keep me interested.

I just like the fact that my movements are for the most part spur of the moment, though I do have a general plan. Other than that, its just relax at the hotel with a nice book to save myself from the heat, though it looks like some relief is on the way over the next few days. Early next week its off to probably Sopron...but who really long as I catch the UEFA Final...and no, I won't say who I'm rooting for..when I do cheer for a team, they've tended to lose.