Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Great Search

Unlike past years, its seems the end of this school year has really snuck up on me. So much so, that I'm slightly paranoid about having left too many things to the last minute. Things like, say, packing. Well, how hard can that be? I figured. I've only done it a bazillion times. There was only one hitch. Unlike the past few times I've packed my backpack, I have to include actual pairs of shorts this time. Now, where the heck did I put them last August?

What I thought would be relatively simple turned into a bit of an Easter Egg Hunt. Isn't it funny that when you aren't looking for a particular item you see it all the time and then once you actually need it you can't find the darn thing? That was my dilemma with the shorts. The drawer where I swear I saw them last was empty this time. Then I vaguely recalled moving them out of that drawer and putting them.........somewhere. Wonderful.

I searched through every place I figured they would be and came up empty. My gut feeling was to forget about it and pick up some news ones when I got to my parents. Afterall, the 3 pairs of shorts I do own are quite worn and a bit ratty. Truth be told, I'm pretty sure I had the one pair when I was still in high school. But why buy something you'll only wear a few short weeks out of the year? After a great deal of searching through boxes, moving stuff around, a little sweating and perhaps the odd expletive, I finally found them....naturally in the last box I looked through at the bottom of the stack. Ah sweet success!

Now, for my next challenge - getting some sunshine on these pasty white legs of mine.


Kiggavik said...

I love when people say "It was in the last place I looked.". Not me, I keep looking after I find something.