Saturday, June 28, 2008

Double Standard

Even though I am far away in both time and space from it, the North is still very much on my mind. One thing I've given much thought too the past little while is the incredible amount of negativity I sometimes run into about the North. I just find some of the comment threads I sometimes read on Northern news stories interesting. What I mean is this - when I returned to the town I grew up in in southern Ontario it was to hear of a very recent murder in a small town a short drive away from where I grew up. A place about the same size as Arctic Bay. What made this shocking was the age of the alleged murderer. As I understand the story, a 14-year-old boy got into an arguement with his step-mother, stabbed her to death and then with the help of his father, buried her in the back yard.

Funny that if this were to happen in Nunavut, the talk around the country would doubtless be "Oh my, what a horrible place to live. So violent. Young kids out of control." Funny how I haven't heard much of a peep nationally on what a horrible place Warkworth or Trent Hills is a horrible place to live, so violent, with kids out of control. Granted I am out of the country at the moment but I believe I am not far off the mark here. I suppose what I am trying to express is the glaring double standard that often exists when passing value judgements on different regions of the country. Its frustrating to see and hear. I'm not sure how well I've done at explaining this though I'm sure fellow Northerners will have a sense of what I mean. Thanks for listening.


Karan said...

You make a very good point. I am often confronted with the same thing in Yellowknife. My friends from the South rarely - if ever - take the time to educate themselves and seriously ask questions about things whether or not the schools here can adequately deliver curricula or if the health care I receive from local doctors is as good as that in Edmonton or Calgary. I've learned to hide my dismay at their suggestions and counter with stories of the rush "minute" traffic and the joy I take in the 10-minute bike ride I have to work in the morning . . . I like to think that I am educating them, even if it is a slow process.

Great post.

Way Way Up said...

Karan, is a slow process at times...I think that is one of the reasons I started my humble blog.