Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Sorry...Your Plane Cannot Be Completed As Dialed

7a.m. and I was out the door (pretty early for a teacher huh?) and headed to the school to catch our ride to airport to Mary River. The first little glitch was that I got to the school before the custodians, the alarm was still set and I couldn't remember the code for it off the top of my head. I waiting around until students showed up who seemed a bit surprised I was standing around outside. I told a couple of them I would unlock the door but since I wasn't sure of the alarm code I let them know to "clear a path for me quick if you see me come running out the door." Turns out though the alarm had been disarmed anyway by the breakfast cook who was down in the school kitchen. So I had stood around outside for 40 minutes for no reason. Good one Darcy.

Shortly after 8am we were all set to depart when the school got a call informing us the plan that was to fly us out was unavailable due to mechanical problems. I felt especially bad for the students who now had to write exams they would have been excused from for the day had the trip been a go. Turns out that the students writing my exam this morning did just fine in the end so I am very happy for them. I was scrambling myself to get back into classroom exam mode. I also had to scramble back to my house across town to retrieve my lunch and my laptop. I had made my lunch the night before, creature of habit that I am, but I was expecting to eat out at the mine cafeteria later in the day. Now that all the chaos and confusion was out of the way first thing in the morning I figured the rest of the day would be just fine.

As for our trip, it's still on though I'm not sure if it will happen this Friday or the following Monday. It's all good though. Since we were going to a mine, I had planned to bring along a big shovel (just in case, you know, there's gold out in them thar hills). Now I have extra time to go fetch one.