Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Surprise! You're Leaving!

Usually I get a bit nervous when an administrator walks into my class and says, "Surprise!" That's what happened this afternoon. Its not necessarily a bad thing though. I mentioned a few days back I was going to be taking a few students out to the Mary River mine site. Initially this was supposed to be tomorrow. Now, I had already drawn up the exam schedule and the trip happened to fall during this time. With a little fancy re-scheduling however, the trip was still a go. Then, some genius then contacted the principal to tell him the the trip was being postponed until June 2. Excellent, I thought. Now, we don't have to worry about changing the exam week. Back to version 1 of the exam schedule.

As it turns out though, the genius who told the school the trip was postponed was mistaken. The mining company called the school this afternoon to confirm that everything was a go for tomorrow. So now the principal and I had to change the exam schedule AND get in touch with the students how were going. Of course since are exams are held in the mornings and this was now well into the afternoon, there were few high school students if any in the school. One further complication was how to get the students to the airport as the taxi is tied up with the court party in town this week and there have been a few problems with the school bus.

Fortunately, as I write this, it looks like the trip is a go. My principal was able to arrange transportation to the airport and contact pretty much every student on our list to inform them of the change of plans. So.....provided this overcast weather clears out early tomorrow morning and the plane can get off the ground, we'll be all set to go.