Monday, May 12, 2008

OK......This Is Just Plain Weird

Sometimes weird, quirky things happen that just make your jaw drop. I had one of those moments earlier this evening. It seems I met my very first Inuk years before I even had the slightest inkling of living in the North - long before Nunavut was to become such a big part of my life, long before Nunavut was even created.

I was poking around on Facebook, getting playoff updates from Kendra (since our CBC reception at our places leaves just a tad to be desired at the moment) and I bumped into a girl I once went to high school with, way back in 1988. I think we even sat beside each other in a grade 9 geography class. I didn't really know her that well since after that year she moved to a different school. In the few conversations I recollect from those early high school years, I remember her mentioning that she was aboriginal.....but I couldn't remember for sure. I seem to recall her having an Inuit surname but I had long forgotten what it was.

Anyhow, we got to shooting the breeze, catching up on the last 20 years. Facebook now has a chat application but since my internet connection was a bit slow we had to content ourselves with sending a series of messages back and forth in each others' mailboxes. We shared a laugh over how, kids being kids, we used to bug each other in class, though I'm certain most of the bugging came from me. And, yes, I'm man enough to admit I was a bit of a shit-disturber to the girls in class back then at times.

Turns out she was half-Inuk and had family in Sanikiluaq. Sanikiluaq for those unfamiliar with Nunavut's geography, is located in the Belcher Island group down in Hudson Bay. (It is sometimes referred to as Sunny-kiluaq since it is Nunavut's most southerly community.) Turns out my principal is from Sanikiluaq and has a lot of family there through his wife.

We spent several minutes messaging each other and catching up on old times. In another little quirk, she is also a teacher, working with grade 5 and 6 students "out West". My brain is still trying to comprehend this very random, chance encounter. Its just plain Who knew I'd end up working in a place with family ties to a girl that used to sit right next to me in a grade 9 geography class in a small southern Ontario town 20 years ago? Its like I was just somehow predestined by some magical force to be here.

Life sure is interesting.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Belcher Island?? AHAHAHAHA. Oh my trailer trash heart be still! I wanna live there! :)

Anonymous said... *is* very strange how it all turns out in's just a big mystery! :)

It is great catching up with you..and I have to say I am equally shocked..who woulda thunk eh?!...