Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nunavut Quest 2008 - The Finish Line

Excitement has been building here all week with the anticipated arrival of the dog teams for Nunavut Quest. Officially the school was still open, although the building emptied out with kids of all ages spilling out onto the ice. By early afternoon a large crowd had gathered out on the ice. A convoy of snowmobiles, accompanied by a Canadian Ranger patrol arrived in the early afternoon. Later on I noticed the far off shape of the first dog team entering into view on the far side of the bay. That was all the motivation I needed to grab my camera and head out onto the ice.

The first four pictures were taken a little before the arrival of the dog sled teams.

Here is one of the arriving teams. I believe this was about the 4th team into town. I was actually at home washing up some dishes and keeping an eye out the living room window when I noticed what seemed to be the entire town gathered out on the bay. It could only mean one thing - the teams were here!

A qamutik sporting the Nunavut flag with King George as a backdrop.

.....and for your daily dose of cuteness, some sled dog puppies - future Nunavut Questers!

It seemed the entire community was out on the ice, along with visitors from Pond Inlet, Igloolik and Hall Beach. About the only person I saw who was not out on the ice was one of the water truck drivers driving down the hill from my little neighborhood.

Many times I've seen pictures of people being hoisted up in the air on their sleds. It always seemed to me to be one of those iconic images of the North. I'm happy now to have a few of these pictures of my own.

And the winner is? Actually, in all the excitement and confusion I'm not sure although I'm certain I will hear about it eventually.

Update - As I had suspected, Nunavut Quest 2008 was indeed won by Moses Oyukuluk from Arctic Bay.


Bonnieupnorth said...

Egads I go all gushy when I see those puppies and have memories of being out on a team a year ago Feb. Is this competition held every year at this time?