Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Rendezvous With A Bikini Model

One of the things I was looking forward to seeing last summer was the Capuchin Monastery in Brno, specifically its crypt full of mummified bodies. I headed out in the afternoon to enjoy a day of sunny weather after several days of rain and cloud. Of course the crypt building itself was a pretty unassuming place from the outside and I had to wander around a bit before I finally happened upon the entrance, tucked back in courtyard at the end of an alley. I guess it was the sadist in me or my 5-year-old mentality coming out but I just wanted to see real mummies without having to travel all the way to Egypt to do it. Anyhow, as it turned out it was a living body that gave me the most awkward moment of my entire trip.

I recall walking through some park areas just along the edge of the old town, navigating the twists and turns along the old city walls and generally enjoying a Bohemian existence. I rounded a corner and at the bottom of a set of stairs, my poor North American sensitivities beheld a sight. I noticed a young lady, a very attractive young lady, rather scantily-clad, posing by a section of city wall in front of a photographer. She sported a short white dress, a big smile and um...very little else. My goodness, I certainly didn't recall seeing this in any travel brochure I had consulted. The funny thing was, a few other people were in the vicinity and passed casually by the young model without so much as turning a head or batting an eye. I tried to play the part, though I'm sure my backpack gave me away as the awkward and now somewhat embarrassed tourist I was.

I continued my walk but I was forced to double back as the path I followed dead-ended and of course I passed the same model and photographer again. I continued on my way, naturally not pausing for a peek, but became disoriented and turned back. Once again, I passed our little scandalous duo. They had moved to a slightly different location this time, a giant crucifix made out of stone (oh heavens), and also the model seemed to have changed rather speedily into a very....um revealing bikini. By now, I was a bit paranoid, thinking that since I had now passed them 3 times they might think I was some creepy guy. And it didn't' help that I also had my camera out as I had been taking a few pictures of the city walls along the way.

I really wanted to take a picture of this stone crucifix as it looked to me very much like an inuksuk - a nice reminder of home after being out of the country for a month. I couldn't exactly take the picture while SHE was standing in front of it so AGAIN, I circled around hoping by the time I returned, she would be gone. Luckily by the time I returned both the bikini model and photographer had moved off to another (hopefully less public) location. I was able to get my picture of the crucifix before finally finding the crypt entrance. There were people in there too. And also a sign at the entrance which read "No Photography Allowed."


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That is hilarious!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

That's great!!

Way Way Up said...

I always seem to get lots of traffic whenever I tell an embarrassing story...heh....its all good.

I wonder what interesting search words will show up on my Stat Counter now.......hmmmm.....just "young model" so far.