Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fishing Derby

Victoria Day Long Weekend marks a bit annual event as the community empties out for the big fishing derby. Yesterday marked the beginning of a mass exodus to the many lakes down Admiralty Inlet to the South. Needless to say, the school hallways had a tomb-like quality about them by yesterday afternoon. One such popular place where many families go is Ikpikittuarjuk, 5-6 hours south of here. Some will even head off further down to the very end of Admiralty Inlet to a series of lakes there. A few places are located closer to town like Dead Dog Lake in the picture above here. I hiked up there earlier this afternoon on my way out to Victor Bay. A lone tent stood sentry duty by the road. (You should just barely be able to make out the yellow dot against the white background, I hope.)

I haven't been out to the fishing derby for a couple years now and I find I really miss it. I have every intention of going next year when I have a skidoo of my own. I like to be as self-sufficient as possible when I go out on the land. My land skills aren't exactly terrible but here, I'd rather not just head out with passable skills. Although I know that sharing is a large part of Inuit culture I'd feel a bit guilty imposing on them to take me along. This is a pretty important cultural and family event and I'm a bit cautious of my lack of land experience taking away from other people's enjoyment of the land and time with family. Next year, though, with my own machine and, hopefully, my own qamutik, I'm bound and determined to get out there. Now, whether I'll actually catch something decent is an entirely different matter.


Gish said...

my roommate and her friend built a qamutik and totally pimped it out (apparently) but it's gotten so warm in Hall Beach that I don't think they will be able to take it out before the snow melts.

I've been reading since before I moved up here, just thought I'd say Hi.

Way Way Up said...


Thanks for stopping by. Hope you found something interesting or helpful. There's a few students down there in Hall Beach who know me through indoor soccer tourneys in Iqaluit.

I'm amazed at how fast we are losing the snow here compared to last year. Hoping to build or buy a qamutik next school year early enough so I can get lots of use out of it.