Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Double Shocker

I'm not sure what shocks me most about this little political gem, the fact this guy actually resigned or the idea he was actually elected in the first place. I'm curious to know if he used any catchy political slogans during his election bid. "Don't be an idiot, vote for one!" or "Vote for me or I'll beat ya!"?


Bonnieupnorth said...

Darcy....a criminal record check is just a common practise in most employment situations just wondering how this knowledge was not common in this one. on another note followed some CBC links and discovered this headline from last August "Arctic Bay film ban turns touring groups away" and subsequent comments from Clare and others. iread the article in National Geographic and remember having some discussions with Aletha. it sounds like that decision must have caused not only revenue losses but other splits in Arctic Bay.

Way Way Up said...

Hi Bonnie....I'm really not sure why they wouldn't think to have all candidates undergo a criminal background check through the RCMP. I need one for my job and I've never had a big hassle getting it taken care of. Looks like NTI needs to take a step back and clean up its own house before always dumping on the GN as they constantly seem to be doing.

As for the HTO ban, I started to hear about it just toward the end of last school year as I was leaving. Tommy K. showed me part of a draft of the National Geographic article and it seemed a bit stilted to me. This issue doesn't really affect me directly so I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on this.

I'd be curious to see what Clare has to say. I seem to recall him posting something on his blog about this but I'll have to go back and check for sure. I can't say as I envy our new mayor who also happens to be an outfitter.