Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dog Team Pictures - With Actual Dogs

It occurred to me yesterday that my Nunavut Quest pictures seemed to lack the one ingredient essential for this whole big event - the dogs. I was in a bit of a rush when I posted my first pictures of the race and I didn't get as many shots up of the dogs themselves as I would have liked. It was pretty overcast that day so many shots didn't turn out as I had hoped. But I also wanted to add in a few more pictures here from my archives of the dogs themselves. So here you go. (And....for more pictures from Nunavut Quest 2008, be sure to check out Clare's blog and Kendra's blog. )

For the curious, the team in the shot above is still attached to the sled. As opposed to Yukon, where dogs are hooked up in tandem, here, the fan hitch is used. Each dog is attached by its own individual trace which allows the dogs to spread out when negotiating areas of rough sea ice.

I wasn't able to get as many close-up shots as I wished. My digital doesn't have a lens. Also, up here, sled dogs are considered working animals and not pets so I was wary of getting to close to them if it wasn't really necessary. Particularly at meal times like in the picture below here. Still, they are very beautiful animals and it was a very exciting event to have seen.