Sunday, May 04, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Although normally I wouldn't watch a Baroque-era opera other than for purely historical interest, I found this little article interesting. Opera, when I do see it, (and in the Arctic this of course is a huge challenge) tends to be from the Classical era onwards. I had heard of Vivaldi's Agrippo, only vaguely during my university studies, but really, I knew nothing about it other than a few scattered references.

Lord knows, I think it would be cool to be in Krumlov next month to see a performance, since I had been there last summer. As an aside, I think whoever wrote this CBC article got a good chunk of their information from Wikipedia since I popped by there just to see what other information I could dig up about this opera. At any rate, I'm starting to think I should start planning a future summer trip to Italy, the birthplace of opera. (sigh)