Sunday, April 20, 2008

White Noise

Who knew I could go more than a couple days without writing anything? Just a few random things on the go at the moment.

1. I managed not to pull out the rest of my hair last night after Montreal's loss. Really, Montreal played so poorly the last half of the game, they deserved to lose. Can't blame Price much on at least a couple of those third period goals. Here's hoping Montreal takes the series tomorrow night. It would be nice to see at least one Canadian team get past the first round this year.

2. After much delay, I'm just about set to put together my sea lift order. I'll likely do it tomorrow after work. I haven't done a sea lift order in 4 years I think so I've definitely learned a few things since then which should take a lot of the aggravation out of the process. My first sea lift was through the Northern. This year my housemate and I will use Marche Turenne. Having a housemate will make it easier since we can split on things like cleaning supplies and shipping costs. I have a pretty good idea of what I will need. I did up a list Friday after work before I came home from the school. The plan was to do up my order today but of course I forgot my list at the school. So I'll wait until tomorrow rather than trust to memory. I DO know that I ordered exactly ZERO spaghetti this time. It took about 3 years to eat through all the pasta I ordered on my first sea lift so yeah, as I mentioned earlier, I've learned a thing or two from that experience. I could have had my order done much earlier but have been distracted doing it the past couple weekends mainly because......

3. After setting it aside for a few weeks, I'm back at planning my Europe trip. I still need to book my tickets but I have a pretty good idea of times, dates and where exactly I want to go. Hungary it is this year. I'm hoping to meander around a region my guide book refers to as Western Transdanubia but basically its north-western Hungary between the Danube to the north and Lake Balaton to the south. The trick is to get enough information so I don't have any unexpected experiences but not to over-plan too much. I like the whole Bohemian, off-the-cuff adventure, where I just take things day by day, that I had last year in the Czech Republic. I'm also planning to visit my aunt in Switzerland, and if I'm lucky, there are a couple castles over the Danube in Slovakia I'd love to explore if I have time.

4. Finally, check out a new contest over at Best NWT Blogs. Its been awhile since I was there (and even then, it was only for one year) but I still like hearing news from the territory next door. After all, its where I started out my teaching career. I'm toying with the idea of writing up a post and entering it in the "Best Post" category. We'll see. But don't let that scare you away. Head on over there a check out the best blogs the Northwest Territories has to offer.

5. I'm sure I've just made blogging history by making mention of the words Transdanubia, sea lift and Northwest Territories, all in one blog post.


Megan said...

Yes, you should definitely enter.

And if you have ideas about the categories we should use, let me know.

Eric said...

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Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the info, Eric. Much appreciated.