Sunday, April 27, 2008

Way Way Up - A Cross-Over Talent

In another fit of outrageous attention-seeking behaviour, I am asking my readers to head on over to Best NWT Blogs where I have an entry in the "Best/Funniest Northern Story" category. The post I submitted was one I had thought about putting on my blog a long time ago but since it took place when I was living in the NWT, I didn't think it would fit with the rest of my blog. But this friendly competition and the fact that I seem to have expanded my blog into a whole pile of different topics this year, motivated me to tell my little tale. There are some great nominees. Be sure to check them out.

PS - For anyone who "Googled" my blog with the key words "cross over" or "cross-dress" looking for something else and got a hit off the title of this post - sorry, wrong address.