Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thanks Loyola

After hearing about the seizure of the Farley Mowat I have to hand it to Loyola Hearn tonight. Thank you for dropping the gloves and telling it like it is. (Money sucking manipulators indeed!!) Here's hoping they charge the captain to the fullest extent of the law, along with Paul Watson. Expel the foreign crew members and send the Canadian members to Darfur, Haiti or Afganistan so they can then appreciate this country rather than try to cripple its industry. Finally, tow that piece of garbage ship to the Marianas Trench and send it straight to the bottom.


Kate Nova said...

Haha, Loyola doesn't usually get that many props up here, what with the turbot quota debacle and less-than-movement on wharves.

so when do you learn whether you got the Iqaluit music job?

Way Way Up said...

I just caught the one news conference of him speaking to reporters over the weekend so I thought he did a good job of speaking out. Outside of the seal hunt though, I'm not as up to speed on fishery issues when it comes to Nunavut as I probably could be. Ontario is a long way from the ocean and all.

As for Iqaluit, I'm still waiting to hear back. Should be any day now that I should hear whether or not I'll get an interview. I'll update on the blog eventually.