Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I was going back through some pictures from last summer's trip to the Czech Republic and since I notice I haven't been posting that many photos lately, I thought I'd share a few from one of my favorite little towns there. Originally, I only planned to stay one night in the small Moravian town of Telc (Telch), but with its small town charm and welcome lack of tourists I ended up staying a few extra days. It was time well spent.

Telc's main attraction was its 18th century chateau.

Most tourists seemed to be day-trippers. After the hustle ad bustle of Prague, this place was a welcome relief. In the evenings I enjoyed fanastic meals in a nearly deserted town square.

My hotel...3 stars and I it only costs me something like $26 for the three nights I was there. Great value for your buck!