Saturday, April 05, 2008

Proof Positive There's An Idiot Born Every Minute

Taken from the files of "what exactly were you thinking?" this tomfoolery. Glad to see the little guy fight back. I guess when you see your culture and way of life attacked by a man who looks like he's spent too much time growing up in his parents' basement, you can only take so much crap. The idiot provokes sealers, goads authorities and then wonders why they aren't there to protect his greying corpulent hide.

Really, if you run your mouth and insult people, is it any wonder you met such a frosty resistance, Paul??

So what does the guy do? Cuts and runs. Looks like he doesn't hold the courage of his convictions and feels he must now run his mouth from the safely of the Mainland. Guess what, Paul? You lost. Plain and simple. You had your little moment in the sun. It failed.

Paul, Paul, Paul, I like a good beer just as much as the next guy. But seriously, you really should put it down and think things out a bit more coherently before you pull a stunt like that.


Abbey said...

Love your blog and happen to agree on what you say about the Sea Sheperd...good post

jen said...

Paul sounds like and looks like a real bum. I am sure the police were there waving them goodbye as the community cut them loose. I heard their boat was also ramming into our coast guard as well. He must not have any regard for human life, seals first.

Way Way Up said...

I often wonder if the guy was born an idiot or if he had to work at it.

CraigB said...

I don't know who Paul is but I wonder how he maintains his fine corpulant figure based solely on the nutritious air he must consume in great quantities as heaven forbid he should actually partake in evil food, what with the enormous amount of impact to the enviroment each pound of food creates. I also don't imagine that fine boat of his is run off solar power. Damn, to live in one's own smugness and arrogance must be nice. Say hello to the Koonoos and the other fine folks of Arctic Bay, a friend always, Craig Brice

Way Way Up said...

Well said CraigB and will do!